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George Homolka - Owner
Barbara Homolka - Chatelaine

After retiring from Saudi Aramco in 1991, George and Barbara have settled happily into life in the Czech village of Brezina. Growing the business has been the primary goal, diversifying from hotel industry to farming to forestry to manufacturing and selling products from their land. They have enjoyed many visitors to Brezina from all over the world, and especially those visits of friends and relatives.

David Homolka - CEO
Milena Hamplova Homolkova
David moved to the Czech Republic in the winter of 1991, and has been involved in Zamek Brezina ever since. Initially involved in all of the challenges of creating a startup business in an emerging capitalist economy, David now focuses on the marketing and sales efforts. Milena Hamplova Homolkova is from the nearby town of Pacov, and was a tax accountant there. David and Milena met while playing on a local volleyball team in 1992, and they were married in the Zamek chapel in September 1997. They have a daughter, Kristyna and a son, David.

Leslie Homolka Craigmyle
Leslie is a communications consultant, specializing in sustainability. She lives in Philadelphia.

Caroline Masters
Tim Masters
Caroline and Tim live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Caroline is a realtor, she and Tim own a real estate development business. They are the proud parents of Ben and Sam.

Alice Homolka Tate
Christian Tate
Alice & Christian live in Cary, North Carolina. Christian is VP of Business Development for a Fortune 100 company. Alice and he have three daughters, Charlotte, Maisie and Taylor.

The Youngest One
Wears curls. (pop culture reference) She lives in Philadelphia and works in b2b sales.

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