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Crops grown on the Brezina-Zahradka estate are coriander, poppy seed, caraway seed, canola (the brilliant yellow fields will jump out at you as you fly over the Czech countryside in the spring,) yarrow, calendula, echinacea, wheat, rye, potatoes, grass seed (rye grasses)and other herbs in hectare sized lots, trees too. The farm manager, Ms. Stepanka Vlkova can be contacted at the numbers below.

Much of the food eaten at Brezina, is grown there. Delectable tender asparagus, (European and North American varieties) berries of all sorts, fruit trees dripping with apples, plums and cherries, cabbage, spinach, lush red tomatoes, and many more are grown. Herbs and other plants are also sold from the garden.


Telephone 011-420-565-4473-84
Fax 011-420-565-4473-95
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